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ConDFW Wrap-up, plus bonus housekeeping!
Had a grand time at ConDFW this past weekend. The panels were fun, and I made a little money at my table. Of course, I saw many old friends and made a few new ones.

I was sorry Charlaine Harris couldn't make it, but I do wish her the best. I'm sure she'd rather have been at a con ...
2/20/2018 3:58:56 PM

2017 Wrap Up

So I thought 2016 sucked swamp water? 2017 Hasn't been a lot better. I have been able to take about a week and a h ...
12/30/2017 10:20:17 AM

Thunderbolt And Lightning, Very Very Frightening
We had just settled in to watch some telly Saturday night, when:


If the house itself didn't get hit, something close by certainly did. There was no damage to the house. We have a large tree in the front yard, so that was obviously a worry.
8/14/2017 11:18:56 AM

What I Did On My Summer Vacation
Well. This was our first vacation in a Very Long Time. I think it's been thirteen years. That's a lot of years of schedule conflicts and family emergencies. The planets and the calendars finally aligned, and we decided to get out of town while the gettin' was good.

We went to Cana ...
8/7/2017 9:48:47 PM

The Latrine Story
I've mentioned this several times on Facebook, and it's buried in a blog post about other stuff, but it deserves its own moment in the ... uh ... sun? At any rate, this story has been on my mind lately, and maybe the metaphor will hit you full in the face like...

Two sacks of shit ...
2/23/2017 12:22:05 PM

Alternate History, Alternative Facts
In the spirit of “alternative facts” I present an alternative scenario to the gentlemen who still believe women have nothing to complain about.


“Excuse me?” you reply. 

“Come on, smile. There ...
1/24/2017 9:48:28 AM

Sorting Real News From Fake: Can It Be Done?
I've been giving some thought lately to the definition of "fake news." It's impossible to do that without acknowledging that a "fake" story can sometimes be in the eye of the beholder. Politics aside, ever know someone who is so set in their worldview that they refuse to believe the evidence? < ...
1/13/2017 10:36:28 AM

2016 Sucked. How About 2017?
In short, 2016 sucked swamp water, big time. And I'm not talking about celebrity deaths. I've dealt with deaths in my circle of friends and family. Those hurt far more, even though they don't get shared to death on the Facebook Feedback Loop. 

As I said earlier, 12/27/2016 6:04:32 PM

Taking Some Time Off
I say this every December, but mean it this time. 

Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy post.

I knew 2016 was going to be hard for me, but I had already made plans to start stepping back from commitments. Ten or so more months, I told myse ...
12/9/2016 3:56:55 PM

Oh. Dear.
Found this while going through an old recipe book:

12/3/2016 5:06:28 PM


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