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Monday Mumblings

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Getting started early(ish) today for a change, meaning I slept last night. Traditionally I don't sleep well on Sunday nights. I suspect this goes back to my school days when Sunday night meant school started the next day. Institutional, gray cinder block halls lined with lockers did not make Julie a happy girl.

I started the morning by blowing my top at an Internet troll. This troll deserved it, I think. I'll just try to keep my virtual mouth shut at this person from now on.

Okay, you can stop laughing now.

Anytime. Really.

Dreamt of my WIP last night. That's a good thing. All three of you who follow the blog know I'm not one of these New Age types. However, when I dream about a work in progress it means I'm giving it due attention. That's a good thing.

So what is the WIP? Another historical. More mystery than SF. Right now I'm working on answering questions. What was going on in this particular time period? Is the lead character I have in mind interesting enough to carry the work? This particular work may end up in the "unused ideas" file, but the research could very well point the way to something else. The cunning plan is to just sit down this afternoon, write, and see where it goes. I'll start with a first person bio of the main character. If it can't hold my interest, then it won't hold the interest of any reader.

But first, I need to get a couple of errands out of the way. We have a possible snow day tomorrow. I went grocery shopping yesterday and forgot a couple of items, so I'd better pick them up today. Currently the forecast calls for a high of 40 tomorrow, but given the way this winter is going, we could be under another 8" tomorrow night. Or we could be in for warmer weather than forecast. This is Texas, after all. If it does turn out to be slushy, I don't want to risk hurting my knee further. So I'll get errands out of the way today, thank you.

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