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Rain, rain

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Actually, I'm enjoying the rain. My yard isn't. We had another small fruit tree fall over. Spent a chunk of yesterday working to at least cut down the part that was blocking the alley and threatening to fall over on the driveway. While moving a particularly large branch I managed to trip and fall over, wrenching a knee in the process.


I tried to bowl today (had to go pay, so I thought I might as well give it a shot), but it hurt like mad so I gave up and came back home. I've got a cloak to finish off anyway.

And finally, I think I'm set with Sprint billing. (Backstory here and here.) Yesterday's mail brought not the check I was hoping for, but yet another bill from Sprint on the closed account that I paid off. Grr. Half an hour later, Chris got a phone call from the Sprint store stating that his replacement phone had arrived, so I decided that rather than call I'd just go in and talk to someone in person. While he took care of his phone replacement, I talked with a rep who looked up the account (I did take all of my documentation in with me) and after a couple of false starts she eventually found the old account and a notation that the balance had been paid. The best we can figure out is that it was yet another billing system glitch. Sigh. At least it all seems to be clear at this point, but I am SO holding on to all of my documentation.

Lots to do today. At least sewing the cloak doesn't involve any strain on the knee.

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