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A cold day in ...

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

At some point I must have remarked that it would be a cold day in Hell before Texas actually mattered in the primary.


Fortunately, the roads here are clear. A heavy turnout is predicted. Chris and I have a cunning plan to walk to the elementary school this afternoon after classes let out. I hope it'll be warm enough to walk. Between construction, school, commuters, and voters, it may be difficult to find a spot, as was evidenced by the e-mail Paul sent me this morning after he tried to vote on the way to work:

Whoever decided "let's take the biggest traffic bottleneck in the neighborhood, and make that the same entrance used by the biggest voter turnout in years" should be flogged.

They should at least have put No Parking signs all along that street.  Or moved the polling place till the new building was available.  It was totally hopeless.  I'll have to go back later.

Of course, if they had moved the polling place to another elementary school, we'd have had people screaming about disenfranchisement. Had they moved it to one of the churches down the street, they'd have been screaming about separation of church and state. What's a county government to do? (I should mention that one of the churches in the neighborhood is graciously allowing construction crew members to park on their lot. I hope the school district will compensate them for the wear and tear.)

Another post on the mobile phone issues later (I'm making up for lost sick time!). First, I need to jump in the shower. No, I'm not sitting around in the bathrobe this late in the day. I got out of bed and threw some clothes on so I could shoot. Had some breakfast, processed a couple of pictures, took care of morning e-mail, posted a couple of journal entries, and suddenly it's after 10. Eeep!

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