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Dreams to Reality

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I was boarding an airplane and passed a guy sitting in an aisle seat smoking a cigar. I told him he really ought to put it out, and he just smiled, shoved the stogie between his teeth, and gave me a look that dared me to do something about it. I filed back to my seat in the rear of the plane, next to the lavatories (man, I always get that seat, even when I'm awake). The flight attendants couldn't get the man to extinguish his cigar, but they let him stay on the plane anyway.

Later he joined the queue for the lavatory and stood next to my aisle seat, waving his lit cigar in my face. The guy in the seat next to me was desperately trying to get the attention of someone - anyone - to get that jerk to put out his smoke. The jerk's turn arrived, and I sat back, knowing once he took that thing inside that the smoke detector would go off. Unless...

And then I woke up - with a very tight chest. Allergies acting up again.

I suppose I was already having breathing issues, which fed the dream.

Good thing I hadn't dreamt about eating a giant marshmallow.

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