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I was working on a journal entry Monday - I promise! But the phone rang. It was my mother. She'd tripped and whanged her head pretty good and needed some help. Sorry, Mom, I'm blogging? Of course, not! I dropped everything, put on a pair of shoes, and left the house.

We went to the doctor, who thought everything was okay but wanted to do further testing, which meant a trip to the ER. The level of care was absolutely top-notch. And just so you know, if you have an emergency, make sure it's on a Monday afternoon. She was in and out in about two hours, which included a CAT scan. Yes, had I know that, I'd have brought Midnight and saved some time and money!

The upshot is that she had one nasty contusion, but that was the only damage. She already had her tax appointment scheduled for Tuesday, and we both agreed that it wouldn't be a good idea for her to get behind the wheel of a car just yet, so I went out and drove her to see her CPA. She did pretty good at estimating her taxes, but she has enough stuff going on that she's more comfortable having someone to advise her. I don't have a problem with that. He also offered some other financial advice that hadn't crossed our minds. That's what she pays him for, though.

So is it any surprise that I haven't been sleeping well this week? No surprise to me. I took a short nap yesterday and then slept in this morning. I'm still pretty dead tired, but maybe tonight I'll zonk out.

Even though I had stuff to do I decided it wasn't going to get done well because I was so tired and I took off to do a little shopping. I'm still grabbing a few things here and there for the trip to LA, and I'm trying to find a good pair of reading glasses that work well with the computer. I'm not sure if I'll find any good glasses or not. Oh, well.

Anyway, this is short. Just wanted to let everyone know I'm alive and the computer is running okay and so on.


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