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A Minor Rant

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Friday, August 3, 2012

I enjoy Facebook to a point. I don't have time to play games all day or comment on everything I see, but I do keep an eye on my feed when I can. I even have TweetDeck open on my second display so I can watch what's going on. (Well, at least when I'm not on deadline.)

However, I tire of the constant game notifications (yes, I just blocked a ton of 'em the other day. It's a never-ending task), app invites, and now people who add me to groups without asking. Hey, I don't mind an invitation to a group or an event. I do "like" some Facebook pages. What I don't appreciate is being added to a group without my permission. I shouldn't have to make the effort to go leave.

Honestly, do you think I want to wax nostalgic about the supposed hallowed halls of an institution where I was beaten up on a regular basis? No and hell no. 

If you send out paper invitations to a party, is it worded more as a demand than an invitation? If someone sends their regrets, do you continue to bombard them with invitations? Then why is it okay to engage in that kind of behavior on Facebook?

Have the courtesy to ask, please. I promise to have the courtesy to send regrets to your event invitations. I promise to at least take a look at the group you invite me to join. I may join, I may decline. But I'm more likely to join when you have the courtesy to leave that decision up to me.

Now perhaps there's some Facebook thing going on where, when you start a group or a fan page, all of your friends are spammed invited automatically. When I started my own Facebook page for my business (hey, not even giving myself a plug) I was given the option to spam invite everyone on my list and I declined because I know that not everyone on my list is interested in my business. In fact, I didn't send out a single invitation via Facebook's system. Instead, I mentioned it on my wall. Have I missed out on some good promotional opportunities? Maybe. But perhaps I've made up for it in karma points. Not sure, but hey, I've done my small part.

In short, think before you spam click. Thanks, and enjoy your weekend!

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