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Monday Mumblings Cleans House

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Wow, isn't that exciting? ;-)

This is more than just a house cleaning, it's a clearing out of some stuff that's been sitting around for a long time. It's mostly things left from an estate, and no one has felt like really digging into it. This weekend I took a stab at some of the boxes and ended up with a full trunk and part of the rear seat full of stuff to take to the Salvation Army. It's gone. I have another box or two about ready to go, and I've cleared out a lot. Tomorrow is trash and recycle pick up, so we'll have more room to get rid of stuff!

Yes, I'm sending what I can to charity, but there are old papers to shred and items that have broken in storage. We're recycling everything we can. And boy, this is one of those times I wish the recycling pickups were every week instead of every other week.

Paul spent the weekend on another project - the ever-expanding collection of DVD and Blu-Ray discs. Where do you put the danged things? The cabinet runneth over, and then some. The solution was to order some binders that held the discs and printed matter. We have an entire credenza - and then some - of discs down to about four binders. We have a couple more on order. We're also going to keep some of the boxed sets in their boxes, but not all of them. So many DVD boxes went out to recycle. We have so many we're probably going to have to split them among a couple more recycling pickups. 

We're geeks, which meant we had to purchase a bar code scanner and software so we could catalog everything. 

But boy, does it feel good to have gotten rid of some crap!

My other project is reorganizing the sewing/craft corner. I've made some progress there, but it's slow going. I have an itty bitty space and am trying to make the most of it. This requires some planning. I'd rather take the time to get it done right.

Also been working on some crafting things. Today I reclaimed a couple hundred or so buttons that we'd rescued from a wholesaler. Some were shank buttons glued to display cards. Those may be a loss, but there will be plenty of buttons left over for Steampunk projects. When I dropped stuff off at the Salvation Army I went inside and discovered a couple of baskets FULL of inexpensive jewelry. I got some very cool beads and charms for less than I'd pay at the craft store. They're also not the standard craft store stuff. 

And Abby? She's still got a spot that's trying to heal. It's looking better each day. And with the weather this nice, we're opening the patio door so both cats - and the house - can get some fresh air. Both felines are enjoying the fall weather. And yes, we do close the screen door to keep the cats from wandering away.

And because I know you're asking: Yes, we are bummed the Rangers lost. 51 years without World Series win and counting...

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