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Monday Mumblings

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I have been trying to compose an entry since Wednesday afternoon. No cookie for me.

Seriously, I have been swamped with FenCon business. I'll post my schedule in a separate entry.

I did take the time to watch the debate on Friday. I plan to watch the next debate (after the con is out of the way) with a notebook computer and all my Google fu skills at hand. I can't help but have this sinking feeling that the candidates are stretching the truth more than just a wee bit. I plan on watching Thursday's debate, but I'll be multitasking again.

I still have an uneasy feeling about this government bailout. I'm glad Congress stepped in rather than let the Treasury ride roughshod over the entire process, yet I have this sinking feeling that executives are still going to take home more than most of us make in a year if/wen they're cut loose for incompetence. The feeling persists that people like us who pay their bills on time are gonna get screwed over big time.

By this time next week I'll be cleaning up from the convention. Oh, my job doesn't end when the convention starts. There are fires to put out, panels to sit on, guests to take care of, and so on. Sunday we'll break down all for the rooms, pause for the dead dog party, then resume Monday morning as we get the last of the stuff out to various cars and vans and check out of the hotel by noon. Then it's home for laundry.

Tuesday, perhaps, I'll crash.

Today the printers (both of 'em) are running as fast as they can, producing items for the guest packets. I still have a display for the lobby to put together. I made a huge list Saturday night and thus far have managed to knock three items off. Well, the third is in progress and should be out of the way before I finish this entry.

I suppose the Cowboys had to lose sometime. Did it have to be to the Redskins?

Oh, well. Back to work, but I will at least get my FenCon schedule out. Promise. Unless the phone rings again...


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