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Monday, January 16, 2006

Yes, I have some work to do, but I want to get caught up on a few things. Yes, it's Monday. That means work for one client as well as the Monday mountain of laundry. It's also a school holiday, so the DI team will be here today. And just to make things interesting, I've got some work to do for a web client. No invoicing or moaing about unpaid invoices because it's a Federal holiday. No mail.

Tonight is the Golden Globe Awards. Guess I'll watch, though I don't hold out any hope that Hugh Laurie will win Best Actor. I'd love to be surprised.

On a related topic, changes to HouseFans.net scheduled for tomorrow. Watch for a new feature.

Listened to the first part of The Abercrombie Forgery yesterday. Must listen again. I was too distracted with the DI meeting to really do it justice. Anyone else listen?

Last night we went out for our wedding anniversary to a nice, romantic restaurant. Once we started down the street in the car the window on the driver side began to rattle. Loudly. Not good. We stopped at a gas station so Paul could check it out (and we needed some fuel). Everything looked okay, but the door handle didn't work! Given the problems in the neighborhood we were in, our first thought was a possible attempted break-in, but it turned out that a little piece of plastic inside had broken. No other signs of damage. That's a relief. The timing was crappy, but at least no one had tried to get into the car.

Did a little more research before bed last night, and boy, was that the wrong thing to do. My mind started racing with ideas, and I didn't get to sleep until nearly 2:00. Then the telephone rang. Another wrong number, I suppose, but this time the caller didn't have the good graces to apologize. I tossed and turned for another half hour before I got back to sleep. Tonight it will be simply recreational reading. I've got to get some rest!

Off to work on the web client. Got the first client out of the way this morning, although I was running a tad late. I set the alarm on the new clock radio last night and it didn't go off. A later check revealed that while I did press the correct button, I didn't press it hard enough. The alarm is now turned on for tomorrow. Good thing there was no school today!

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