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My Life In The Last Two Weeks

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Okay, I promised you a blog post. This will be fast because I'm about to take off and do something fun. Yes, a deadline is gonna slide. But you know what? I need a break.

All three of you who read my journal know I've had two conventions in as many weeks. I was on programming at one, in the art show at both. Normally, that's not a problem. But here's what happened:

The weekend of June 15-16, Abby stopped eating. We took her to the vet, who found a tumor on her tongue. The only thing was palliative care. The vet told us he wouldn't even do that surgery on a young cat in great health. It's a killer, literally. Abby was 13, which is a good age for a cat. Was? Yep. Read on.

June 21: On the way to ApolloCon the power steering on the new car went out. Fortunately, it happened in civilization (big stretches of I-45 between Houston and Dallas are nothing but farming and grazing land). Unfortunately, the roadside assistance folks lost my ticket. Twice. The local dealer stepped in and expedited things. Hooray.

June 22: Paul and Chris took Abby for her final vet visit.

June 23: Thanks to a broken gas pump, my Amex card had a fraud hold put on it. Buying gas in the rental car (paid for by the dealer) was an adventure.

June 25: Took Paul to the airport for a business trip. Got the sinus infection from Hell.

All week: Trying to get more pictures and hats ready for Soonercon. No luck because I had other deadlines to try to make as well.

June 27: A 10-hour round trip to Conroe to pick up my car. The repair was under warranty. Yay. While they had it, they performed an upgrade (recall) on the car's software. The touchscreen was mostly borked.

June 28: An early start to OKC. A late trip to the airport in OKC to pick Paul up to join us. (He had a great time, and I don't begrudge him this trip. I get to go to cool conventions when he has to stay home. And he had to to the tough job with Abby without my support. And honestly, the car blowing up threw a huge virtual wrench in things. No one could have predicted that.)

June 29: My sinuses exploded. It was not pretty.

July 1: Slept in. Had a nasty reflux attack that night. Also, the printer died.

July 2: Buy new printer, spend hours getting the "easy" setup to recognize all of our computers. And now, I'm off to do something fun. I deserve it, don't you think?

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