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Oh, my sinussssses!

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pardon my little riff on Kaa the Snake, Disney version. I am in the throes of an allergy attack. This entry comes courtesy of my HTC Mogul. I am pecking this out in a semi-darkened room. There is just barely enough light to read by, and believe me when I say the soft glow of this screen is a bit too much in the light department.

I shall, therefore, endeavor to keep this short - if you'll be so kind as to pardon the typos.

I went to bed early last night with the intention of reading a bit on Ben Elton's This Other Eden and catching up on some much needed sleep. All went as according to plan - at least until 4:00 this morning when I woke up with a pain in my left eye. I should have taken my contacts out last night. I stumbled over to the bathroom, removed my lenses, and fell back into bed. Just as I drifted off to sleep - after a solid hour of tossing and turning and wiping streams of moisture from the eye - one of the cats decided that the bed was a peachy spot to leave a gift. Attempts at sleep thereafter were rewarded with intermittent naps. I finally got out of bed at 11:30, my left eye full of gunk and reacting harshly to the least bit of light.

Don't worry: it really is allergies. I'm taking my drops like a good little girl, and if I behave myself all should be well tomorrow or Monday at the latest.

As much as I have wanted a day to do nothing but curl up with a good book, it chafes me to no end to be forced to do so. I'd much rather take time off on my own terms.

Oh, well. Back to reading. BTW, I am receiveing e-mail on the Mogul, so I won't be completely sequestered away. Enjoy your weekend.

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