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Man, is this ever frustrating

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

All I want to do is see how much of an upgrade credit I have with Sprint. I think it's $75, but I'd like to know how long I have before the $150 credit kicks in. So I logged into my Sprint account and clicked the option to check my eligibility for an upgrade. A new window opens which ... eventually times out. Grr.

But look! There's a cute little SHOP link at the top of the page. I try that. I'm logged out because I want to shop, not manage my account. I find the phone that interests me and click on the link to determine upgrade eligibility. I'm taken to a Nextel page and asked to type in my ID. All I have is a Sprint ID (but doesn't Sprint own Nextel?) which is promptly rejected. Okay, so I'll try the option to recover my ID. Type in your phone number, it says. Fine. But wait! The web site tells me that my ID is the ID I have with Sprint. Would I like to log in? But of course, you fools. I get whisked back to ... the Sprint account management page.

I'm sure Sprint would be very happy to take money from me, but they sure has hell can't figure out how to do it at this time.

Oh, well. I can't afford that Mogul phone anyway. So pffft on you.

Update: Oh, yes. I was finally able to calculate my upgrade rebate date - by searching through the journal to see when I'd purchased the phone. It was faster than going through the file cabinet to find the sales slip. I still had to visit a third-party site to determine their formula for calculating rebates. Fargin' insane, if you ask me.

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