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The 2009 Wrap-Up Post

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Well, it certainly has been an interesting year, I'll say that.

With the economy in the tank I didn't get as much work as I hoped, but some very cool things happened on other fronts that I wouldn't have missed for the world.

2010 saw publication of Two of the Deadliest. It picked up some pretty good reviews and - as far as I can tell - decent sales. It's still doing well on Amazon. I'm looking forward to the paperback release in April.

At the end of March I went to LA for The Leap Back 2009 - the 20th anniversary celebration of Quantum Leap. I had a grand time renewing old friendships and making new ones.

I was just looking at my first post of this year to see what I said.
So, what do I have to look forward to this year? I'm not sure if it's going to be a better year for me in terms of work. I'm just going to keep plugging away and hope for the best. I'm working very hard on trying to quit obsessing with the things that are out of my hands and concentrate on the things I can do something about. I can't make the economy turn around. I couldn't make a large client stay afloat and keep using my services. Yet, I can work on my own skill set and explore new options.
To be fair, I think I mentioned this the other day in the Weekend Assignment entry. (Ah, so I did.) I did pretty much what I predicted. Learned some skill sets, put together a blog series on publishing myths, and managed to sell a few photographs.

As for another thing I said at the start of this year:
So, am I optimistic about the incoming administration? Yes and no. Again, I'm being a realist. I keep hearing about relief for the middle class, and that's just one thing I'll believe if I ever see it. Campaign promises are one thing; attempting to fulfill those promises is another; and it is yet another thing to get meaningful reform through the current system. I do believe the incoming administration would like to accomplish these reforms, but they're going to be up against Congress and lobbyists and the political/money machine.
You know what? I think I was spot on with this one. Like or dislike Obama, you have to admit that the bill that came out of the healthcare reform sausage machine was not what was originally proposed. I'm not going to waste time on whether it's for better or ill (for the record, I think it's a combination) but the goings on at Capitol Hill this year show that, whoever is in charge of the White House, the big money lobbyists still have massive influence. Sigh.

So, what about next year? Much of the same, I fear. I'm sick to death of the massive political polarization. People from both ends of the spectrum parroting talking points without taking time to read and understand what's going on. As I said on a comment on Paul Cornell's blog recently, I treasure my friends who think for themselves. It really doesn't matter that I don't see eye-to-eye with all of my friends politically. Of course, we have so much in common that politics hardly enters into it, but when it does they speak with eloquence and knowledge. And, not surprisingly, a coherent , reasoned argument will go much further with me than a litany of rabid talking points. (Well, that and a fiver. If you're going to have an argument, it'll cost you.)

In terms of work, I've got a couple of small things lined up, but plan to spend more time on some personal projects. Now that I've got the office cleaned up and a bunch of things organized I'm going to tackle a few more things. Then it's on to the duties of chairing FenCon this year. That will take up a truckload of time.

Anyway, so much for my ramblings. I'm off to take care of a few little things before starting dinner.

Hope you have a wonderful and happy 2010!

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