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Tinkering under the hood again...

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Yes, I've made more changes to the layout here. Most of them are subtle things involving link colors and some positioning, but there are a couple of new features you may want to play with.

First, the Technorati tags will be going away - sort of. They just won't be visible in the entry any longer. I've become less enchanted with the service over the past year. Along with that, it seemed like a good idea to expand the local tag search. The tag search on the main page remains. But now the new tags you see will be noted by the words "Filed under." Click on a tag and you'll go to a new result page that shows all of the entries using that tag, with some preview content. Click on the headline to visit the entry. The list is also paged - 10 entries to a page.

Of course, you may look at that and wonder why I'd never made the home journal page as easy to navigate. Well, wonder no more! It's done.

Now it's time for me to work on some dinner. There's a Cowboys game tonight. Let's see if Romo can pull this one off.
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