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Long, long day

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Warning: This may serve as tomorrow's entry as well as I have to get the Round Robin entry posted in the morning. And I may be dead tired then.

I sort of alluded to this yesterday, but here goes: Paul is winging his way across the Atlantic to Europe. Of course, it's business, so he'll probably be stuck in a windowless office not far from some amazing sight. Ever the optimist he took a camera and is hoping to get some cool pictures. I'll set up a special directory in the photo gallery and highlight a picture or two over here.

We spent the day finishing up laundry. He packed and finished repairing my sister's laptop, and I did some work on HouseFans.net. Then we had some lunch and I dropped him off at the airport. Sigh. I really hate to say it, but since I can't go sit in the lobby with him it's hardly even worth parking and standing with him until he goes to the gate as he's occupied for most of the time with ticket agents and security types anyway. We had our long goodbye in the drop-off lane. It does beat a rushed kiss just before he steps into the metal detector. But dang, I do miss him already.

I'm watching his flight details in one browser window, and it looks like it's running late. He's going to have less than half an hour to get to his connecting flight.

I really hate it when he goes out of town, even overnight. I never sleep. To that end Chris and I went to Half Price Books today. I took some old books down to sell and put what they gave me towards a few more books. If I can't sleep I may as well read.

Next, we went over to Central Market to pick up some pre-cooked food. It was a little on the pricey side, but then, I didn't have to cook or do dishes. That's worth something!

I'm back to working on HouseFans.net stuff tonight since there's no episode. (sniff) This afternoon we unveiled a new feature - Wilson's ties. Check it out.

Okay, here's a clue or two on the picture: It was taken from the top of a pyramid (good guess, Lisa) but it was a Mayan structure. No mummy. Cut off the bottom third and take another guess.

Tomorrow: The Round Robin Photo Challenge pics.

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