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Thursday, November 6, 2008

An odd day, today. Waiting for things to happen, but nothing that was supposed to happen ever did. I know that sounds terribly cryptic, but trust me: the truth would put you to sleep. Let's just say it involved waiting on work on two separate fronts.

Spent part of the day fiddling with the stylesheet here on the journal, but ended up not changing a thing. I revised one story that's here on the site and realized that section needs a serious overhaul. But I never got around to that because it was time to start dinner.

And thus, the day was wasted.

Save for this morning, when I got one halfway decent shot:


These are chinaberries. Soon, the leaves will be gone and they'll stand out in stark contrast to the cold November sky. That is, whenever the cold weather decides to hit. Me, I'm in no hurry. I want to get rid of the last vestiges of the con crud first.

That particular cunning plan involved medication for tonight - until I walked into the office and saw the Garden Ridge ad laying on the desk. You see, one of the things that was supposed to happen - if the other stuff ever happened - was that I was going to go out and look at comforters that were on sale today only. Sigh. Chris was kind enough to drive me out there and we spent time walking the aisles looking at comforters, beds in bags, luxury comforter sets, quilts, and other bed covering-related items.

Our current comforter is ready to be retired. With two cats in the house I'm not inclined to go out and buy a nice designer thing to throw on the bed to act as insulation for humans and the receptor of special gifts from Midnight. Yet, it shouldn't be so hideous as to cause great pain when we walk into the room. So Chris and I walked the rows of merchandise in an attempt to find likely candidates. If I had been into leopard skin or imitation satin I'd have hit the jackpot. As it was, I was left with a hodge-podge of paisley prints and over-the-top florals. Everything that looked wonderful was not in our bed size. But of course.

I finally found something that should work. Chris snapped a picture and sent it to Paul's phone for his approval. After all, he has to live with it just as much as I do.

We got to the checkout lane and the reader choked on my card. They don't accept the plastic I proffered. I swiped another card and the terminal totally locked up. No amount of coaxing could get it to accept my signature. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth the supervisor managed to void the sale and sent me to another register. Good thing I wasn't buying a butter knife; I expect she'd have impaled herself on it as an act of abject apology. Ah, well. Better than than indifference.

Maybe I'll take a picture tomorrow - if it doesn't look to ugly once I get it on the bed. I'm prepared for the fact that it will look nothing whatsoever like the picture on the package.

Now I'm off to medicate myself and fall into bed.

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