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Monday Mumblings

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Of course, the phone rang at 9:00 sharp. Good thing I saw the Caller ID, because "Are you dressed?" isn't the first thing I want to hear when I answer the phone. It was all perfectly innocent: the rain was coming down in buckets, and Chris was sitting in his car in the driveway and hoped I'd be kind enough to open the back door so he could dash in. He also knew I'd been up for most of the night and figured I'd probably still be in bed.

He could have phrased it better. Kids. I tell ya.

As if my fingers weren't hurting enough from banging away t the keyboard, I did some work for a client, then ran out with Chris on some errands. The place where Paul works is switching accounting systems and we got - gasp! - a paper check in the mail today. Used to be they'd hand them to employees. Now they mail them - a theft waiting to happen. Good thing I work at home.

While we were out at the bank we went down the street to a local coffee for a pick-me-up and discovered the park was under water from last night's rains. I shot some video on the phone on the way back:

After the rains from barrettmanor on Vimeo.

Exciting stuff, isn't it? Spielberg can call my agent.

Still staving off the cold. Tomorrow will be spent bent over the sewing machine, finishing a cloak. After that a brief break, and then I'll be trying to wrap up the outline for a novel. Lots to do.

And it's late. A couple of announcements in the next post, then I'm off to bed.

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