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Monday Mumblings Gasps For Air

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Yes, Friday's entry was an April Fools gag. As if no one could figure that out. How many design disasters can you spot on that book cover? If I listed them all, I'd run out of hosting space! And yes, I did set out to make a fug ugly book cover. 

Because I'm designing a real book cover. No foolin'. I'll post or link to it when the book goes up for sale. And no, it's not my book. This is a commission. 

About the gasping for air bit - it's spring! Time for pollen! Time for asthma attacks! Actually, I think my cleaning frenzy in the kitchen precipitated the attack. I had the window open and used a cleaner that generally doesn't give me problems. 

So yes, I am officially allergic to housework. And if I could afford someone to come in and clean (Ghu knows they'd charge hazard pay for this place!) I'd probably do it, at least for the deep cleaning. 

I ended up spending most of the weekend on the couch with a book and beverage or another. (Hey, I remember my Quantum Leap: Caffeine is a bronchodilator!) Which means I'll have a "what I'm reading" update to post soon. I finished two books and started a third. 

This is short as I have to get back on the laundry-go-round. Lots and lots of the stuff to do today. 
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