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Not really, but it's nice to wake up and not face a huge pile of work. I plan to settle down into a bit of writing today as soon as I get my invoicing out of the way.

Why is it that freelancers get paid last? I've just been having a conversation with a fellow freelancer on that topic. She's trying to collect on a check from a magazine that bounced close to a month ago. I'm getting ready to send out a past due notice. Again. Sigh.

The big database project is coming along. I got version 1 out for review last night. I still have plenty to do, but now there's a lull until I get feedback.

And wonder of wonders, my desk is mostly clean! That's one nice thing about wrapping up a big project.

I spent a little time watching a couple of demos of the new Ajax technology for ASP.Net. Looks way cool, but I'm not going to get into it now. *twitch*

Off to finish up my invoicing. Then it's time to dig in and write.

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