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Monday Mumblings Is A Day Late

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Wow, what a busy weekend! I spent most of the time sewing up deerstalkers. We now have some in stock in the new and improved Steam Cat Store

I'd offered one to the local PBS station for their Sherlock party Sunday evening, and made more while I was at it. The party was a lot of fun. I saw some people I knew, and our team came in fourth in the pub quiz. (That's me in the back of the top picture, cleverly disguised as a post.)

The deerstalker was a hit, and I went to put some up on the store and the store crashed! I was going to just open an Etsy store, but I didn't have the time to make a loving banner and shoot every product against aged barn wood and stuff in all the wrong keywords (Regrestsy, much?) and so on. Seriously, I need to register and set the store up properly. So, I thought. I'll just make some PayPal buttons. I've done that before, how hard can it be?

Famous last words.

Actually, the buttons weren't the hard part. It was inventing the CandyGram getting the darned pages to work. All three of my regular readers know I'm a bit of a web geek (I wrote my own blogging platform in .Net), but this had me flummoxed. The pages worked locally, and when I put them out on the server I got the helpful 500 Internal Server error. I'll save you the wailing and gnashing of teeth, the swear words, the .Net upgrades, and so on. I moved the pages to a new directory and they rendered just fine. Go figure.

Not only did I get the deerstalkers up, I got hat pins posted, all with shiny PayPal buttons. 

And there was MUCH rejoicing.

Now I have to dig into a freelance project. Promised to finish editing a manuscript today. Don't know if I'll make it, but I'll sure give it my best shot. 

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