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In which I bite Karma back

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Today was ... interesting. After last week's fall at the foul line, I went to my morning league half expecting all sorts of trouble, and was not disappointed. My first two games were awful. I had four splits in the second game alone. And every time I went through my approach my bruises reminded me that they were far from healed. I came thisclose to sitting out the last game but decided to stick it through.I was glad I did. I came out with a 198.

Spent this afternoon on a tad of work and then dug in on a short story. Of course, that was when the phone started to ring and the urgent e-mails arrived. There was really nothing I could safely ignore. Still, I managed 500 or so words. I don't think this is going to be a very long story. I doubt I can place it anywhere, but hey, it was fun to write. I'll probably post it on the site at some point.

Then it was time to rush out of the house to the evening league. When it got time for practice balls I realized I hadn't made forth with the beer money. Shame on me. I reached into my purse ... and my wallet was gone. I jumped in the car, drove home, found the wallet (whew!), and got back during the second frame. The rules state that a late bowler can join in anytime during the first four frames, so I was able to bowl. Shot a little above my average. Not bad for being rushed. Next game was a 225. Third was a 197, for a 601 series.

So Karma bit me in the knees last week, and I bit back tonight. But oh, do I ache. Tomorrow could be fun. Good thing I have some writing time scheduled. (Maybe I shouldn't have said that. Karma just might bite me back.)

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