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Friday, December 9, 2005

At last we come sliding down to the end of the week, bracing to smash into the great (something) of life. The metaphor eludes me. Perhaps when it warms up my brain will conjure up something pithy.

Or not.

The ice has mostly melted, but it remains chilly. In fact, the cold seems to be about to deliver the final blow to my car battery. So I get to purchase that and a new tire this week. Merry Christmas to me!

A load of spam just dumped itself into my inbox. Oh, joy. Either the spammers are getting smarter, or the filters are getting dumber. So where would Dante have put spammers? There's an interesting thought. Perhaps they would be stuck in eternity, having to actually read the crap they sent out.

Best get to work so I can earn the money to fix the car ... that is, if I can get the people to pay up.

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