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Monday Mumblings

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Monday, February 18, 2008


I dragged my sorry self out of bed at 10:30 this morning, jump-started my lungs with a breathing treatment, and then have done a whole lot of nothing all day.

That is not entirely true. Monday is laundry day. The prospect of clean clothes trumps the prospect of lolling in bed all day.

And as per last night's dinner conversation, I've been investigating some new directions to take my photograraphy. Web browsing does not require much energy.

Also went to the grocery store. I could have sent Chris out with a list, but I knew the impressive array of cheeses would throw him for a loop. What to buy? Fresh mozarella? A block? Pre-shrededed? Fine or coarse? Organic? Store or national brand? Ooh, what about this three-cheese blend? And what's this? Ricotta, you say? Not cottage cheese? Whole, low-fat, or part-skim?

I couldn't stand for him to have his head explode all over the cheese aisle.

Besides, I thought I'd grab a bottle of wine for tonight and he can't buy that. Also needed cold meds. I guess an 18 year-old can buy cold meds. I can do without the wine, but I need something to attack this oncoming cold. Best go myself than risk him running into problems.

For once I pretty much stuck to the list. The exceptions were items I realized I was out of - or nearly out of. They'd have gone on the list had I thought about it. 

Home. Put groceries away. Fold laundry. Do journal entry. Now contemplating another breathing treatment. This is why I want the "knock you out" cold meds. I hate being up for half the night, but I sort of like to breathe.

So what's wrong with me? I suspect it's just the typical changes in the weather. I mentioned last week that this is when spring allergy season starts to hit. This winter has been a little cooler (by this time last year I was shooting pictures of fruit tree blossoms), but this last week has been a roller coaster of fluctuating temperatures accompanied by heavy rains. Not good for the lungs.

I hit a milestone on the photo organization project over the weekend, so there is something good to report. Karen blogged about fuzzy con pictures the other day. I just filled two boxes of mostly fuzzy con pictures. I still have more fuzzy con pictures in a box somewhere. That was to be today's job but I'm not going to kick up the dust.

Gotta start dinner in an hour. Best go get another breathing treatment and let it kick in.

Are we having fun, yet? I'll let you know.


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