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Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Another late night. Then I couldn't sleep once I got to bed. This blogging engine is driving me up the flippin' wall. Turns out that when I update and ping Technorati that Technorati picks up my current tag and my previous blog entry. Okay, so this means my posts are not well-defined. That's my next trick. In the meantime, I've turned off pings.

[/geek talk]

Chris managed to drag into school this morning. Apparently the stomach bug is going around. Again. Yesterday he told me that they were watching Dead Poets Society in one of their classes. I asked him if he recognized anyone, and of course he mentioned Robin Williams. "Anyone else?" I prodded. "Robert Sean Leonard, perhaps?" He said that he recognized the name. It's been a long time since I've seen that movie, but I do remember him as - well, that would be telling. Since I know Chris read this from time to time, I won't spoil it for him.

Drat. Just got six comment notices and nothing in the database. Actually, that's not a "drat" as in a whine about not getting any comments. It's a "drat" in that I should fix the script to stop when it rejects the spammer. Then I don't get bothered at all.

Speaking of whines, it's time for a vintage House whine: It's not on tonight!!! Waaaa!

Okay. I feel better. Not really.

It's not quite so cold here today, but that's just the warm-up act (as they say) for the cold front that's supposed to hit overnight. We're now under a Winter Weather Advisory. In this neck of the woods, this constitutes Big News. You people up north may laugh - just as we laugh when you guys complain about temperatures in the upper 80s in the summer. Ha! Try 100+ and the humidity! Take that!

Guess I'd better see if I can fix my script some more. Sigh. Maybe I'll have another cat picture later today.

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