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To Borrow A Word From My Son: Blargh

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

I stepped away from the computer for a few days, hoping to come back renewed and ready to get to work.


I seem to be going through another one of my "banging my head against a brick wall" phases again. Nothing for it, really, but plod on. Find something different to do for a few days, perhaps.

My desk is littered with the detritus from a web design project, and I feel very much unmoved to clean it up. My reward for a couple of weeks of hard work? An inbox full of spam comments.

Tuesday had already been a planned day off. I was going to watch the inauguration, even if it meant turning off the phone and the computers. I was moved by the moment enough to put out my flag for the first time in ages.

Obama is going in with the best of intentions, and I do believe he's going to work to fulfill as many campaign promises as he can given the economic situation. Yet, like every president before him, he'll run headlong into the quagmire that is Washington politics.

Just opened a charge card statement and was heartened to see our interest rate is the same. I know several folks who have had theirs go up for no apparent reason other than the fact that they pay their bills on time. We pay ours on time, so I've been waiting for the notice. What gets me about this bailout is that the banks spent the first round of money on buying each other out and handing out huge bonuses while their customers struggled with out of the blue interest rate hikes and faced foreclosures. Where in the hell do they think the government gets their money for bailouts? And now they act like they can't believe that there's so much backlash regarding the release of the next round of money.

Yes, I'm angry over this. The administration isn't going to fix this overnight. It's too big. But it's hard to hear how we have to tighten our belts even more while the people who got us into this mess escape with their golden parachutes.

In the midst of all this, yesterday was a pretty decent day. Which was why I was loath to do any work. Started off with a 602 series. I did treat myself to a new pair of bowling shoes - on sale and at a league bowler discount. My old shoes had holes in them and it was past replacement time. So there. Had a tough time breaking said shoes in last night, but I still managed a 539. No complaints there, but man, I ache today. I'm going to take it as a sign that I was doing something right. I worked very hard on my game yesterday. Probably too hard, as I fell apart in the third game last night. The important thing was that I got out of the house and spent time talking with other adults and participated in an activity that I generally enjoy.

Perhaps I will clean my desk. By then it'll be lunch time, then I'll take a break and steel myself to face the truckload of work. After which I'll brace for the inevitable incoming spam that follows a spate of web site updates.


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