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Be wary giving money over the phone

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Laid down to take a nap this afternoon (allergy attack hit the eyes again!) and the phone rang. The woman claimed to represent a breast cancer charity. I asked if she'd send information or provide a web address and she refused, then seemed stunned that I wouldn't give her money.

I'm not going to give the name of the charity, but I will say that after I got out of bed I googled the number that showed up on the Caller ID. It does appear to be associated with a legitimate charity, but the number has also been reported as being used to sell satellite TV service. Oh, and the apparently legitimate charity the number is tied to does not match the name of the charity the caller used.

Here's a message for you: I've had two cancer scares in as many years. I am not unsympathetic. But I don't care what charity you represent, if you can't provide even the basic information to convince me you're worthy then you're not getting a donation out of me. Other charities that call can give a URL and have no problem with a potential donor checking them out. These people may be perfectly okay and may be doing some wonderful work, but if they can't provide a potential donor with basic information it sends up a red flag.

This is why I don't give on the phone unless I initiate the call. By that time I'm pretty much convinced that my money is going to a worthy cause.

There's my rant. I've got to go throw a ball at ten sticks.

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