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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Definitely less queasy today; I may actually accomplish some things. Seriously, I did get a lot done under the guise of sitting in a chair and resting: I got the local web server (with ASP and SQL) working again and made some massive updates to the HouseFans.net site. Got Quicken re-installed and updated the checkbook. I even made a stab at getting my old video card to work on Paul's computer. Even with all that I noticed that I still had lots of trouble typing coherently. I'll have to go back and proof everything I did yesterday. On the other hand, I was happy to have something to do. I could have just zoned out in front of the tube, but I decided that as long as I wasn't doing much of anything physical that I was fine.

Yesterday was a strange news day locally. First up I ran across a story on the DMN site citing evidence that TXU may have manipulated energy prices. Big surprise. Electric rates went up last fall and haven't dropped along with other energy prices. Even with a new heating and A/C unit I'm paying more for electricity than ever, even though I'm using less. When we put this system in we were told our bills could drop by as much as 50%. I was very optimistic when I saw our power useage over the winter, but no one could predict this scorching summer or the 40% rise in natrual gas rates that took place after we had the new units installed. Even the wind-generated power is cheaper than TXU now. We're stuck until spring since we're on an average billing plan, but I think we'll be switching providers then.

That, of course, was overshadowed by the whole Terrell Owens mess. The unexpurgated police report tells a different story than he told the assembled press yesterday. The police have decided that this isn't a criminal matter. Owens says that he had a reaction to the combination of pain killers (for a hand injury) and supplements. I've experienced allergic reactions to common combinations of drugs, so who am I to judge? It's just one more bizarre chapter in the T.O. saga.

The legnth of a woman's ring finger indicates how good at sports she is. According to the Reuters article, women with ring fingers longer than their index fingers do better at sports.

Oops. There went another keyboard.

I am one of the least graceful, least athletic people you will ever meet. It isn't for lack of trying. Now, show me a study that says a long ring finger means you're brainy. Or sexy. If you find one, talk to the hand:


The hand may believe it, but I sure don't.

Had another fitful night again, and had to stop at the grocery store for items of a female nature. I was told I'd bleed for a few days, and I should have been prepared. I was not, however, prepared to check out at the grocery store with a woman who spoke practically no English. It took me three times to finally understand "you want bag?" No, I want to skip through the parking lot, whistling a happy tune while I carry my package of feminine hygiene products for all the world to see. Of course, I want it in a bag.

Better get moving. One of the reasons I had trouble sleeping last night was that I was smacked upside the head with an idea at midnight. I'd taken something to help me sleep, so I am very surprised that I can remember it. Of course, I didn't sleep, did I? Perhaps that was nature's way of telling me to remember this idea. Pursue it I shall.

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