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I Never Could Get the Hang of Thursdays

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

No work accomplished today, but I had other things to do. Errands that I missed running yesterday and tomorrow's errands today so I could be home all day tomorrow. You see, THE ICE STORM IS COMING AND WE'LL ALL BE TRAPPED!!!!!  (Translation: Chance of icing tomorrow. No way in hell am I going to get out and risk getting my car smashed by someone Important who can't be bothered to put the cell phone away and watch the road.)

We got a small taste of that tonight after dinner when we saw a car that had apparently spun out and almost gone over a drop of about four-feet or so between one restaurant parking lot and another.

Yes, we went out to eat to celebrate Paul's birthday. There's an Italian restaurant nearby we've been meaning to try for years. It's kind of hidden away and we never think about it. We'll be back. The food was delicious.

I got him a pound of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Costs darn near as much as HP printer ink, but I fancy it will taste better. Not that I've tried HP printer ink. But boy, howdy, do they pay attention at Central Market when you ask for a pound of the Blue.

I also stopped at a local antique mall for a vintage coffee canister wherein I could enshrine the precious beans. While there I found this book. It's a rambling, affectionate history of the life and death and funeral (and death again and funeral again) of Queen Victoria. The authors hadn't quite seemed to grasp the concept of chronological order.

Tucked inside were several bits of printed matter, including something torn from what appears to be a contemporary newspaper. Here's a bit:


That is Valeska Suratt, a well-known beauty of the time who may have been a Gibson Girl model. She also wrote a newspaper column on beauty tips.

Anyway, this is more historical fodder for a work in progress, and it will go on the shelf next to this book:


I picked up a couple of other interesting books this week - though none of them old - and may blog about them tomorrow if I have the time. Now? I'm just tired. I have lots of work piled up for tomorrow. Oh, and if the weather warrants, there ought to be a picture or two.

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