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Monday Mumblings Needs To Issue An Orange Alert

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Well, what else do I do with the weekend flea market find?


Pardon the crappy cell phone picture. 

Yes, it's an Ericofon! So we can now call for an Orange Alert or take a call from SMERSH. 

Paul's been wanting one of these for years, and every time we spot one it's either badly broken or very overpriced. This one was a deal. And yes, it works - even with our fiber phone line! It's apparently a rather early US model, which makes it all the more cool. 

I'm going to be deep in some work this week, so I decided that the weekend needed to be spent away from the computer, so I could recharge. Paul suggested the First Saturday flea market in downtown Dallas, so we went. We picked up a few little things, but the phone was the highlight of the trip. 

I even took a nap on Saturday. Lovely!

Yesterday I cleaned up the other flea market find - some metal grids to go with the display stuff for art shows - and did some reorganizing on the sewing nook. 

Now I get to grab some lunch, start laundry, and get cracking on work. If I'm not back in three days, send for a search party. 

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