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As I tweeted earlier, my lungs are as clogged as Cousin It's drain on a Saturday night.

I spent some time this afternoon cleaning house and working on a minor home repair project. The wallpaper border in the living room had separated from the wall in places and, if not for judicious use of thumbtacks, it would not be in a perpendicular position at all in some spots.

My job today was to get that paper stuck back down.

I did it, but while I was at that height I noticed how horrible the tops of the bookshelves looked. I thought I'd done a pretty good job of keeping them dusted. Oops. Also did some cleaning in the back bathroom today. So yes, my lungs are trying to pack it in.

I am truly allergic to housework.

Paul has been working on the shelves for the closet. We had to go buy a few more parts today. But as I told him, I'd rather see it done right the first time then have to do it all over again in a year or two. This is one of those situations where you measure three times and cut once and spend a little extra time and money on getting it right. Otherwise, it'll cost more in the long run.

I'm frugal - not cheap.

We lunched in Frisco today with the express purpose of stopping at IKEA for a few things. Chris needs a bedside table that will hold his laptop. So far, we haven't found anything he likes. Sigh. We also wanted to pick up some curtains to cover the closet opening since the doors were in such bad shape we had to get rid of them. We found something that will compliment the window treatment in the room. One big reason we went all the way out to IKEA is that their curtains are unhemmed. This won't be a standard window treatment length, so we can do a custom job. It won't be that hard. Besides, the curtains were about half of what I would have paid at Target.

As I said, I'm frugal.

We also picked up an interesting rod that compliments the rod over the window in the room.

IKEA was packed. Lots of families ambling about. Dads parking carts crossways to block an aisle while they chatted with moms over the stock. People who didn't care about breaking through a group of people as long as they got to where they were going. Oh, there were some very courteous folks, and I love you all.

Well, It's late and there's a Cowboys game in about an hour. Perhaps I'll tweet tonight if I have the energy. Right now I'm just dead.

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