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Monday, August 24, 2009

This is the first day of school, meaning I can settle back into a regular schedule this week.

Chris started at UTD on Friday, and at Collin today. The local public schools all started today. Lots to do over the weekend. We spent Friday afternoon doing the tax-free shopping thing. No, we didn't spend a whole lot of money. Chris needed a few items, but I also took the opportunity to stock up on a few office supplies. Clothing? Yeah, we each spent five bucks. Oooh.

More meetings and work over the weekend. Am getting close to caught up. There's even a tiny clear spot on the desk - a sure sign of progress.

Spent part of today doing the grocery shopping. We're making plans for the House Party at FenCon next month and I decided it was time to start stocking up. One of the grocery stores had a fairly insane deal on soft drinks and water. I bagged my limit, then took Chris back with me after school and we both got the limit. This is half what I'd pay in three weeks (I know because I procrastinate every year), so it's a deal. The only things I'll wait on are food and beer. Both are better fresh. ;-) They did have some deals on cups and other supplies as well, so I stocked up.

I'm working very hard on getting a lot of things for FenCon finished by Labor Day so I don't go batstuff crazy the week before the convention. I'll have enough that can't be done until the last week. Gads, it would be scary to walk in there and be organized for once. Well, no. This is my last year as programming chair. Of course, I'd have my act together.

Apologies for the rambling nature of today's entry. I'm hot and sweaty from moving stuff around to make room for all the drinks and now it's about time to start supper. Perhaps I'll be more coherent tomorrow.


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