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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just a quick, inevitable follow-up to last night.

Yes, it happened again: Just as we settled into bed with reading matter, off went the tornado sirens. The siren call of the local weathercaster hadn't broken into programming yet, so I left Paul swapping channels while I went down the hall to grab a laptop. By the time I had said tech device booted up the Creepy, Disembodied Voice of Doom (TM) was in high gear. This time it was "tornado warning!" rather than "take cover!"

Outside, it was dead calm. The radar on various web sites showed that there was indeed a nasty storm that was just starting to infiltrate the far west side of town. At that point the local TV coverage broke into high gear and we were treated to zoomed-in views of streaks of red and green marching inexorably across the screen.

Then just before the first wave of rain hit our neighborhood the tornado warning was canceled. But did the Creepy, Disembodied Voice of Doom (TM) give an "all clear?" Nope. I was watching people in my Twitter stream going into panic mode even as the warning was called off.


Yet again, this is why we need a zoned alarm system here in the city. At the very least, devise an "all clear" signal so people will know when the danger is over. If their power should get knocked out, something like that would be a help.

So I finally was ready to get to sleep just before Midnight. And at 3:30 Midnight herself decided it was time to leave a gift. My first thought was that her internal clock must be off, but then I remembered that most of her presents are delivered during Daylight Savings Time and thus at 4:30 instead of 3:30. Her clock is fine. Mine wouldn't send me back to sleep.

Yawn. Off to throw a ball at ten sticks of wood.


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