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Another busy day

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Slept in again this morning. I'm so hedonistic. To be fair, I took a little something to help me sleep last night. My muscles ached so much that I kind of felt like I had to do something. The downside of that is vivid dreams. I sleep, but not always soundly.

Two big jobs for today. The first was to vacuum the fish tank. That's always a nasty job, but it looks the best that it has in years.

The other was to spend a great chunk of time down at the home improvement store shopping for plants. It's a love/hate thing. Didn't find all the herbs I wanted, but I did end up with a variety of plants that I hope will attract butterflies. The one thing I wanted was some good shade-tolerant plants that were not begonias. I'm tired of the same thing year after year. We have a window box that is full shade. I think it would be part sun if it weren't for the gigantic Cottonwood tree in the front yard. So I have a couple of scraggly plants that come back year after year and that's it. better than nothing, I suppose, but not exactly what you might call curb appeal.

Anyway, I spent some serious time repotting the plants and repotting some aloe vera shoots that I'll be giving away very soon. The Honkin' Big Aloe Vera Plant (TM) keeps putting out pups. I don't have a place for all of the plants, so I let them get established in cheap plastic pots and take them down to the bowling league to give away.

My work this afternoon was supervised by a little anole. I shot a few pictures, one of which will be the next post.

And speaking of creatures, the dove is still on the nest. That's good news. There's been a little extra noise in the neighborhood the past few days. It's a good kind of noise: the house next door to us is occupied again. The last family was there for maybe four months.

Well, I need to pull my contacts out and go to bed. Got a busy week ahead (so what else is new?) and I suppose it would be a good idea to try to get some sleep.

Oh! I also cleaned off a bit of the desk. What a shock.

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