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A "snail's pace" would be too fast

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Friday, December 23, 2005

This reogranization thing gets bogged down easily. I spent a couple of hours tonight culling through some pictures I'd found from past QL and SF conventions and weeding out the dupes. The rest are all in nice, dust-free boxes. My next trick was to finish filling the last file cabinet drawer, which also entailed culling out more papers I didn't need and moving some related files from one drawer to another.

Boring, isn't it? When does she start to write?

Soon, rabbit. Soon.

Actually, I did do some work for a client today and will do more for them next week. I've also started some preliminary research for a possible new project. Don't you love it when I'm so cryptic? This is one of those projects where the prospective client sends out feelers and we dance a little back and forth. It usually ends in disappointment for me. Either someone else gets chosen for the job, they decide to take it in-house, or the project gets shelved. Still, I have to make an effort to get up to speed on things so I can at least make noises that signify I know what I'm doing. Even if I don't.

Someone once asked my why I know so many obscure things. The bits of trivia come mostly from researching for projects. Even if they don't happen I'll have learned something.

But money would be nice.

Got all my food shopping for the wekeend out of the way - almost. I forgot to get something for lunch tomorrow. Silly me. Rather than venture anywhere near a grocery store, I think I'll just pick something up. Going to the grocery store on Christmas Eve is sheer madness.

I seem to have picked up some new readers. Welcome! Hope I don't bore you too much. Or perhaps this is just the thing you need to lull you to sleep drug-free. In either case, I'm glad you're here. Drop me a comment sometime.

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