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First off, thanks for the comments on the Fillmore Pub review. No restaurant can be the everything to everybody, but it's nice to see someone's reading!

Speaking of pubs, Paul had the day off today and we took off on the bike to the Londoner in McKinney. Great weather today. Drives my sinuses nuts, but that doesn't stop me from getting out to enjoy it.

Here I procrastinate. Again.

Seriously, I am stuck on one part of the rewrite. It's a scene on which much of the future action hinges, and it simply is not working.

I know what I'll do! I'll mark the spot, work forward, and then return. Yes, sometimes I am a complete idiot.

Before I dig into the rewrites (thus guaranteeing that the phone will ring), a wrap-up on the rest of the week:

Sleep issues are driving me batty. I finally realized the other night that Abby has been spending a serious amount of time camped out on my side of the bed at the base of my pillow, right where the covers are turned down. I know I'm not allergic to cat dander, but I suspect that with the other inane allergy issues going on right now that cat dander is making things worse. So along with the ritual washing and changing of the sheets, I decided to lay an old towel out over my side of the bed. Then I can move the cat dander away. I honestly don't know if that will make a difference, but it can't hurt.

Sleep issues are one of the reasons I'm having rewrite trouble. I should just take a nap, but I can't when my brain is running in overdrive trying to solve plot issues. Oh, I could take some drugs, but not in the middle of the day. That's just wrong. I could grab a glass of wine, but for me drinking and writing don't mix well. I have discovered a stressbuster tea that helps. And since it's herbal I'm not screwing with my clock any further.

I strongly suspect that some of the sleep issues are age-related. I won't bore you with my menopausal tales of woe, however. You're welcome.

Last night we sat down to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Dr Who as psycho. Loads o' fun.

Better check the laundry (if I can get Midnight away from it) and then get down to work. I'd love to be able to turn this story back in early next week.

Tonight is Tex-Mex night, so that would be a good reward for progress, right? ;-)

Enjoy your weekend, and thanks for dropping in!

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