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It's been a while since I've sat down and blogged. Yes, I'm okay, but we'll discuss the possible TMI in a moment. Good stuff first.

The big news (at least for me) is that my camera seems to be working again! To wit:


Shot that just a few minutes ago. The solution turned out to be simple and cheap. Of course, those are the best kind, but it was an elusive simple. I'll spare you the gory details, but let's just say that after much wailing and gnashing of teeth and trying various things the problem turned out to be a flaky power cord on the battery charger. I may have trashed a battery in the process, but at $20 a pop that's nothing compared to a replacement camera. The camera is out of warranty now, meaning replacement would be only a bit more than a repair. I wasn't too keen on either option, to be honest. Best yet, that's one less thing I have to worry about.

ConDFW was last weekend. Lots of fun. I bought a David Lee Anderson print. This link should go directly to the art as displayed on his site. David is also a very cool guy. Now I have to go buy another frame.

Felt good enough today (yeah, we'll get to that) to go out to the tropical fish place and get a start on repopulating the tank. The Killi Loach promptly vanished in the gravel, but that's what he's supposed to do. The others are still a little stressed, and I expect they'll be swimming around in a couple of days. I'm thinking about getting a few more, but we'll see how these go.

Okay, on to the reason I've been fairly quiet. I had the enforced rest. Lots of stuff happened at once. I was walking a LOT at ConDFW and so the knee I'd tweaked still hadn't healed. The February sinus infection hit, and then a bout of "being at that certain age" started. Really, you don't want to know any more. I will say it wasn't a case of hormonal depression. Quite the opposite. Anyway, it seemed a good idea to just chill out for a while and take it easy. On top of everything else I had to bowl on Wednesday because we couldn't make a team otherwise. I did okay and then collapsed on Thursday and Friday.

Honestly, I'm fine. Or at least I'm getting there. The sinuses and "certain age" issues are almost cleared up and the knee feels a lot better. Otherwise you wouldn't see that picture above. Right now it's just going to be a struggle just to keep taking it easy for a few days for the sake of the knee.

While I was doing nothing I read. And surfed the web. And wow, what a news story down in Austin on Thursday. I read the rambling letter that guy left on his site before he crashed into the IRS building. Wow. My heart goes out to the victims and to his family. The real head-scratcher has been the comments on the news web sites. He's either a nutty liberal, a TEA Partier, or an arch-conservative gone mad. Okay, which is it? I suspect it's none of the above. I wouldn't even go so far as to call the guy a terrorist.

Of course, some people are now calling for restrictions on private aircraft. Oh, come on. If someone wants to do some damage, they're going to find a way to do it.

Alrighty. Pizza is on the way, and I plan to continue to do some serious relaxing. Maybe some writing, now that the brain is clearing up from the sinus infection. I've had a couple of very interesting ideas this week, and I'd like to see if they pan out.

BTW, thanks for all the kind words on my being accepted into the SFWA. Over the weekend someone asked me why I joined. Of course, it's for the secret handshake, hanging out in the bar, and the party at Worldcon. Uh, no. I joined because of how the SFWA stands up for writers. I'm pleased they accepted my application.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and thanks for stopping by.

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