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Monday, June 1, 2009

Where has the weekend gone?

I did take some time off on Saturday. Just stepped away from the computer and relaxed. It was good, but it wasn't enough. This week's gonna be busy getting ready for SoonerCon. Lots to do on that front.

Chris had a great time at A-Kon over the weekend. I guess his costume went over well.

One cool thing did happen today: I got a royalty check. It was very unexpected, so there was much happy dancing going on for a while. Oh, it wasn't a lot of money, but it was the idea that a publication actually sold enough for royalties that made my day. Thanks, everyone!

And one nifty story: The BBC and Google are in talks to launch a version of the BBC iPlayer site in the US. I would hope this means that once they get the licensing and other kinks worked out that we could watch BBC shows over here. I'm sure there will be commercials, but it'll be free and legal. Yes!

Gotta go finish cooking dinner. Yes, Karen, I need to finish the Weekend Assignment. If I can ever find my tail end with both hands...


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