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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

On my third cup of coffee this morning and I'm not terribly sure whether or not I'm awake. I may be dead tired, but I'll be wired.

That's what got me into this mess in the first place. The remnants of the cold linger on, and last evening I felt a bit trying to settle into my lungs. I've got this one lung with pneumonia scarring (from childhood) and there's a particular spot that hurts when I'm out in the cold or when something nasty hits the lungs. I decided rather than take any chances I'd go for breathing treatment. Albuterol (the standard asthma med - a close relation to epinipherine) is a heart stimulant.

But let's see: Up all night with chest pain, coughing, and wheezing? Or up all night with relatively clear lungs? I choose the latter.

Caffeine, of course, is a bit of a bronchodilator, so this stuff is purely medicinal.

So, House on a plane! Wow, that was a good episode. I suppose I shouldn't give too much away for those who haven't seen it, but I thought last night's episode owed more to Inspector Morse than Sherlock Holmes. Sure, they always go through several "suspects" before nabbing the "culprit," but this one seemed to more Morse-like. Perhaps it was House's utter crankiness.

Next we settled in to watch Boston Legal. Alan Shore is rapidly becoming my second-favorite television character. Wait. I only watch two network dramas on a regular basis. Those balcony scenes always get me.

Next came my aborted attempt at sleep. I finished Three Men in a Boat, to Say Nothing of the Dog last night. That's been on my "to read" list for some time, but what precipitated its move to the front was reading Connie Willis' To Say Nothing of the Dog last week. That was a great read. I also dove into the new Harry Dresden novel. Perhaps it's because I read several of the books first, but the TV series just hasn't done it for me. Oh, it has its moments, and I actually like what they did with Bob. Two amber lights in a skull just wouldn't translate well to television. But I absolutely hate the fact that Murphy doesn't believe. I hope that will change with the next episode. Probably not. Someone needs to tell the suits to get with the program, so to speak.

Did a quick check on my web stats this morning and it looks as though the hotlinker might have gotten the message. Really, I am flattered that someone is enjoying this web site. But I'm the one who has to pay for the bandwidth, and I'm loath to add advertising or a virtual tip jar. I know what's going to happen when I start blogging about literary scams: The very companies I'm warning about will show up as sidebar ads. No thank you.

I'm starting on a new feature in the Nostalgia section. I'll announce it once I get a little content up. It's going to take some time. I discovered last night that all the notes I had gathered had vanished from the hard drive on my notebook. I deleted what I thought was a backup and instead took out the main file. Nope, no chance of recovery. It's going to take a little time to reconstruct all that. Sigh.

Well, it's time that get moving. I missed bowling last week, and I suppose it would be a good thing if I were to drag myself down there to pretend I can throw a ball. I just hope I can pick the thing up.

Oh! In all my cold-induced stupor I forgot to mention that I'll be writing the next Sherlock Holmes drama for the Texas Radio Theatre Company. I'll not spoil you with the details until I get a script out of the way, but I will say that I'm very excited to be writing this. The show is scheduled for November. Mark your calendars.

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