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Monday, February 16, 2009

Greetings from the land beyond tired.

It's been a fun weekend, though I'm sitting here today accomplishing a whole lot of nothing.

I finally kicked the cats out last night so we could get some sleep, but it didn't help for either of us. Abby has this thing - just as we drift off to sleep she decides that the high window over the bed is NOT the place to be watching the nocturnal suburban wildlife, and that she has to get her furry ass out to the patio door for a better view. Damn the humans in bed, full speed ahead.

Tonight: House, Heroes, then a sleeping pill. I dunno. The pill may not be needed if Heroes doesn't start moving the plot forward.

Since today was going to be such a colossal waste I decided to go out shopping for parts for a project. The first stop was the fabric store. The place was totally packed. I don't know if it was the holiday or what, but I could hardly move. It was so bad I almost left, but I stuck through. Of course, they didn't have all the fabric bits I wanted, so I had to make several trips through the store to improvise. Then it was off to Fry's for more project parts. They were out of what I needed. That left the grocery store and home for laundry. Joy.

Speaking of shopping, I decided to pump a little money into the economy at Kohl's on Friday. I combed the clearance racks and found a few good items to wear to LA next month. I have to go to two parties. I have one outfit decent enough to wear for a party, but I needed a second one. I found a lovely top and coordinating slacks, so I'm set. Also bought another shirt, a small purse, and a few much-needed items in the "girl stuff" department. I did really well - got about $260 worth of stuff for $60, tax included. Can't argue with that.

On the productivity front, I managed about 1000 words last night in a story I've been fiddling with off and on. Then I discovered a serious plot hole. I'll need to resolve that and take a stab at fixing the slow start. The slow start leads into the plot hole, so I think I can get the action started faster, too. My stories tend to have a slow start, at least at the draft stage. I keep thinking of all these wonderful shiny things I'd like to do and just toss them in. Later on I pull out what isn't needed. It's kind of clumsy, but it generally works for me.

I'm off to start the next round of laundry and work on the story just a tad more. I expect I won't make much progress because I'm so darned tired, but it's too late now for a nap. I'll just slog through.

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