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The rain, it raineth

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Rain, it Raineth

This was shot out of the back door at the Manor just a few moments ago. The temp is down to 37F, and a thunderstorm is in progress.

Later on, the rain should turn to snow, and that should continue until early morning. Rather unusual, but not unheard of in March. It's still on the odd side since we had such a warm winter.

Ran out this morning to get a few items I'd forgotten in the shopping frenzy last night. Nothing major, but I don't even want to think about getting on the road until tomorrow afternoon at this point. Chris is supposed to have a choir rehearsal tonight and I won't be surprised if it gets cancelled. I hope he doesn't have to go. He said the roads were fairly slick Monday night after his last rehearsal. They have a major performance this weekend, so I have a feeling they'll try and hold the rehearsal if at all possible. I hate for him to be out in this weather.

Time to stop procrastinating and get busy on cleaning the desk. That may be a multi-hour job. Between stuff from the photo organization project and items that have piled up while I was sick, it's a mess.

Oh, and I have some paperwork to look at. My client that closed shop in December never sent my last check. It's not a lot of money, to be honest, but in these times every little bit helps. Yesterday a large packet from a law office was sitting in my P.O. box. It turns out that the major unsecured creditors of this company have settled with the liquidators to get some sort of payment. It avoids bankruptcy court. It looks like I may get a small percentage of the amount, which is beats not getting paid. If the matter goes to court then I probably won't see a thing. I suppose this will give me some good documentation for writing off whatever I don't get as a bad debt. I need to look into all of the implications of that, but there's plenty of time.

Now I just want to clean the desk. Well, I don't want to, but it needs to be done, and moving around will keep me warm. It's freezing in the office today!

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