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We'll call this the rainy days and Mondays entry.

Yep, that picture was taken just a few minutes ago. Lots of rain overnight, and more on the way, apparently. My side yard is going to flood soon.

This kind of weather just brings out the whiner in me. But you know what? I'm dropping the whinefest I'd had planned. You're welcome. I may still bitch about a thing or two, but not whine.

Spent much of the weekend fooling around with various computer odds and ends. Friday I upgraded the laptop. Went to the manufacturer's web site to download what they swore was an "essential" package to migrate the system to Windows 7. As far as I can tell, it added a bunch of crapware links to my browser. It certainly didn't update any drivers, so I took care of that task while watching yesterday's Cowboys game. The only thing I'm missing is a touchpad driver, which is kind of a pain. It wants to open programs I hover over, and I can't find any settings because it's just a generic mouse as far as the system is concerned. This company has been posting Windows 7 drivers since the summer, which is a lovely thing. But why can't they get the touchpad to work? Grr.

The one pleasant surprise was that Photoshop activated without any problems. I decided to go for a fresh install, and about halfway through realized I hadn't deactivated Photoshop. I'm using my allowed two instances - one on the laptop and one on the desktop. I was dreading the call to Adobe to get it straightened out. So yes, I'm happy not to have to deal with that.

I got around to installing the new hard drive in my desktop, and now the main drive is acting flaky. Sigh. I need to dig out Ghost or something so I can move everything over. I do NOT want to have to re-install everything again.

Anyone know of a decent ebook reader that works with touchscreen only Windows Mobile phones? I haven't found anything I like. I'd love to remap a couple of buttons within Word so I can at least easily read text files.

Did I mention I'd purchased a new phone? I picked up a Touch Pro 2 last month. So far I love it. Like my Mogul, it has a slide-out keyboard. The screen is gorgeous. The text is crisp. I can finally read e-books in comfort. Which is why I'm looking for a good reader. But the front of the screen has no buttons except for the ones that answer and hang up the phone, bring up the menu, and do a "back" function. I need a scroll down/up. The rocker volume switch at the site would be perfect, but it can't be remapped.

Hmm. I guess I'll have to see if there's a better application for mapping keys.

So, what's on tap for today? Laundry. Always laundry. I've got a short story stewing in my head. But I'm going to spend most of the day catching up on little things. I need to close up the case on my desktop and shove it back under said desk so I'll have room for my feet. I can now clean up a few items from the top of the desk now that I'm mostly finished with software and hardware installs. I have some FenCon business to get out of the way today. I'm trying hard to get my own organizational act together. We get some nice comments on how well organized we are as a convention, but in my own case there are things I can do better. And as conchair, I'm working to get some "big picture" stuff together. Always fun.

So enjoy your day. I'm going to try very hard to enjoy mine.


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