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Lots to talk about - if I can keep breathing. Woke up this morning with a bit of a tickle in my throat and now it's almost a full-blown cough. Welcome to flu season.

Karen is blogging (as is everyone else) about James Frey, but she's also talking about honesty and privacy. I've known Karen for a long time, and she's pretty honest about what she talks about. But she's like me when it comes to the notion that certain things need to remain private. Karen talks about her job, but the place and co-workers remain nameless. She's got a point: We have to draw a line somewhere.

Like her, I don't care to say much about my own web and copywriting clients or the work I do. Oh, I'll gripe about not getting paid, but I don't say who isn't paying up. And if I say something nice, I still don't mention them by name. Sometimes I'm under non-disclosure agreements, and as such it's best to just separate that part of my life from my blog.

So, am I truthful otherwise? I try to be, even though the cats may disagree. I say, "spray the cat to relieve her allergy symptoms." She says, "torture."

Truth is sometimes in the eye of the beholder. Just try to make heads or tails of anything coming out of Washington and you'll see what I mean.

A journal like a memoir, is colored by the perspective of the author. That's a given. But unless I'm printing a piece of fiction here or if I change the names in a story to protect the parties involved, I certainly don't intend to present falsehoods.

But you've got to trust me on that, don't you?

Oh, on to other things. It's Monday and I'm doing laundry like mad as usual. Paul's leaving town for a week on business tomorrow, so I can't slack off on that front today.

I've got a picture to post next, then I suppose I should get back to pretending to get some real work done - and that's the absolute truth!

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