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Monday Mumblings Demands Better Working Conditions

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Monday, July 23, 2012

In other words, it's summer in Texas.

It's even too hot for my walkies most mornings. Pity, because I lost another half pound last week. (Yes, I am on the slow weight loss plan. I didn't put it on overnight, after all.) What's a girl to do?

But the working conditions this week have less to do with the heat and more to do with noise. The neighbors to the home office side of the house are having some work done on the exterior, and some neighbors across the alley are having a new roof put on their abode. Hammers. Nail guns. Joy.

So wear a pair of headphones, Julie! That would be fine and dandy if my computer had a headphone jack. I have a pair of bluetooth headphones, but they don't have any noise cancelling properties. So what do I do? Crank them up and ruin my already deteriorating middle aged hearing? Oh, that's a brilliant idea.

Yes, I do need go figure out how to add a headphone jack. (Okay, I technically DO have a jack, but it feeds into my speaker system.) Or, maybe just get a decent pair of USB headphones with noise cancelling features. That may be the ticket.

In the meantime, I have to reorganize the sewing space and clean up a spot in the living room where a pile of crap is accumulating. This seems like a good excuse. And honestly, sometimes I do my best story plotting while I'm away from the computer, doing something that has nothing to do with writing or reading. (One big reason I'm sewing a lot these days.) 

So, off to clean. 

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