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Friday, January 6, 2006

It's been a long week, and I actually managed a bit of sleep last night. What a concept. Made it to sleep just before one and managed to make it until just before the alarm at seven. That's the most uninterrupted sleep I've had in some time, which helps.

Spent yesterday revising, revising, and revising yet again until I thought my head just might burst. Then I made some updates to the web site. Here's the plan: I've decided to go back and revise the Ballykissangel stories not in the order in which they were written, according to how they might fit in the timeline of the show. Does that make sense? If it does, then you're one step ahead of me!

I started by revising The Christening, and then went on to the missing scene from Amongst Friends. I posted that even though the revisions aren't complete. And yep, that's out of order, but I started in on that before I came up with a plan. Silly me. I'll probably finish that one off and post the changes before I go on. I've also posted some short notes on Ballykissangel and why I write the stuff. Read. Or not.

In addition, I'm redesigning that section to go with the look of the rest of the site, so as I revise stories they'll show up with the new and (hopefully) improved design. I'm also toying with the layout and line spacing in an attempt to improve readability. Feedback is welcome as always.

So that was most of my day. Chris shot a 512 yesterday. That was his second 500 series, and this one was nice because his bowling was much more consistent. Good for him.

After dinner I sat down to watch Touching Evil on BBC America. I'd missed that when they aired it before. I'm familar with Robson Green, but I hadn't seen Niccola Walker in much of anything beyond a brief appearance on People Like Us. I've heard her on BBC radio, though. She was in Big Town All-Stars with Stephen Tompkinson. I love that show. The writing is wonderful. It reminds me of Coupling, but with a more or an edge of bitter sarcasm. That makes it sound like it's a mean-spirited program, but it's not. It's quite funny. But back to Touching Evil. It was pretty creepy, but what do you expect when Emporer Palpatine is the bad guy? I'll watch more episodes.

On tap for today: More revisions. Work for a client. A trip across town to get Chris' contact lenses. We only ordered them two weeks ago. Then Tex-Mex Friday. And sleep. Must get more sleep.

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