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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I ended up spending most of yesterday in bed, reading.

And woke up today with no voice. And there was much rejoicing amongst some folks, I suspect. ;-) As I said the other day, I should never complain about cool, damp weather in July in Texas. But dang, it plays havoc with my allergies. But it's not 104F outside, so I'll live with the inconvenience.

I did get a start on the giant "to do" list, though. Most of the items left to go are along the lines of herding cats - metaphorical felines, at least.

Speaking of which, Abby continues to improve, and Midnight is still a tad freaked out over Abby's cone. If things don't go according to what she expects as "procedure," she's upset. A creature of habit, Midnight.

Off to do some more reading. It's about time for me to do another "What I'm Reading" post, isn't it? I need to catch up with that.And I will at some point, once I catch up.

I need a vacation to recover from my vacation!

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