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Monday Mumblings Rises From The Sickbed

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Uh, yeah. I spent the weekend not doing much of anything. Oh, shoot. I spent much of last week not doing much of anything. Paul took the week off, and I really, really wanted to spend some time with him. I'm afraid my coughing and wheezing didn't make me the best of company.

It all came to a head Saturday, when the coughing and lack of sleep (due to coughing) all came together in a perfect storm. But I did get some sleep Saturday night and a little more last night, so I'm now at the point where I think the light at the end of the tunnel may not be a train. ;-)

Oh, the week was fun in other ways, too. Our ancient inkjet all-in-one finally gave up the ghost. It lasted a lot longer than I expected. And I only have two unused ink cartridges in reserve rather than an entire set. I did my research and found one on sale at one of the big box office supply stores. Naturally, we got the salesdroid who wanted to talk us up to a printer that did stuff we didn't need, an extended warranty, and so on. At least I was able to say I'd bought paper at their store a couple of weeks ago. I used to work in retail, and I can tell the difference between a salesperson genuinely concerned that I make the right choice and someone out to upsell to a more expensive item. 

I guess I sorta mentioned the printer in the previous post.

Much of the rest of the week was just trying to feel better. I'm finally getting there. 

Chris and I went fabric shopping today. I said I'd make him a bow tie and cumberbund to go with his tux. He's missing one or the other, I forget which. He selected some nice fabric. Now I get to do the sewing. Also picked up some more fez fabric.

And yes, our governor made the announcement that he's not going to seek another term. He's left his options for the future open. I don't think a presidential run in 2016 is a very good idea after what happened last time, though he can probably blame some of his bizarre behavior on painkillers post-back surgery. Still, he shouldn't have even been out on the trail in the first place in that shape. I wouldn't be surprised if he were to start a SuperPAC or think tank. Perry is like GW Bush in that he's good at surrounding himself with the right people. He may be a better as an influencer on the national scene rather than an officeholder. I don't know if he'd settle for that kind of role, though.

Much to do over the next few days. I have rewrites to finish. I think that will be tomorrow's cunning plan. I also have a fez order to finish. That's today's cunning plan. Money in hand, and all that.

Ah, well. Better get moving if I'm to get anything done.

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