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Baby, it's cold outside!

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Friday, February 17, 2006

The official high yesterday was 83. Presently it is 32 and there are little prospects for any sort of a warm-up until Monday, perhaps. A few more peach blossoms popped open before the front moved through, and I suspect they'll be toast - er, ice - tomorrow.

Yes, ice. We've now got a pretty fair chance of freezing rain for the weekend. This does not make me happy - no sir, not one bit. Oh, I knew this stuff was coming. It's inevitable after this fake spring that we get an icy blast, just to remind us that winter is still in charge. But it's going to play havoc with the last big push for DI this weekend. I could say that this is what they get for screwing around until the last minute. I could say this will provide them a life lesson, that they'll take this to heart and forever understand the importance of planning.

Nope, they'll just shrug this off as an anamoly and do the same thing next year.

The drive home from Chris' bowling league yesterday was rather interesting. The sun was peeking through the sky, but a thin layer of what appeared to be fog clung to the ground. Well, this was certainly strange, especially since the wind had picked up. We finally decided that if it wasn't fog then it must be smoke. This was not good. The area was under a red flag warning, and so it stood to reason that there must be fire somewhere. It turned out that the smoke was from a large grass fire in Oklahoma. I spent the rest of the evening wheezing and coughing and finally took a breathing treatment.

I'm still not breathing well, but that's par for the course on a day like this. I'm going to post a picture, grab a long, hot shower (it opens up the lungs), do some work, and then go pack in enough groceries to keep us through Monday. Have a good weekend.

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