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Clothing woes

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

I went shopping for shirts yesterday. It's been ages since I've purchased a long-sleeved shirt. We don't need 'em much here in Texas. In fact, I often layer sweaters with T-shirts in the winter. I'm at that age, you know. ;-)

So I decided it was time to replace a couple of tattered shirts. I wanted one white button shirt and then one or two knit pullover-type shirts. Something casual. I don't dress up a whole lot, and I rarely have to dress better than business casual when I'm out seeing clients.

I walked into Kohl's (where I can usually find something that fits at a decent price) and was greeted by a mass of baby doll shirts. Now they can look cute on a certain body type. But for people built like me they scream, "I'm not pregnant, but I want to look that way." Combine that with being my age, and it just looks wrong. Oh, I know plenty of women my age who can get away with that look. I'm just not one of 'em.

I finally found a button shirt and one rugby-type shirt.

Then I decided to look for a new handbag. Mine is several years old and is finally starting to show wear. I'm not a handbag freak either, and tend to buy one or two good ones that will last me a few years. I'm also picky about my bags. I don't want one that someone can just reach into. I also want one that has pockets inside to hold various things like my compact digicam, a phone, and meds. I want to be able to reach them quickly and not have them rattle around in the bag. And finally (this has been the dealbreaker) I want something that I can wear over my shoulder. Yeah, that handbag strap crossing the chest looks a little dorky, but I like to ride on the back of Paul's motorcycle, and it makes sense to wear a purse that way so that it doesn't fall off while zipping down the road. Add to the fact that I want something leather (to last a long time) and in a classic style, and it's darned hard to find a bag.

I suppose I should take a drive up to Frisco and visit Sam Moon. They have a pretty good selection of bags, and I can do a little early Christmas shopping while I'm there. Sam Moon, you ask? Here's their web site. And darn it, I don't see anything online, but they have stuff in their stores that isn't on the site. They don't carry counterfeit products, either, which I appreciate.

Well, it's time for lunch. Speaking of food, I should do a review of the new pub downtown. Later. I'm starving.

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