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I'm writing from an undisclosed location - a motel in the Woodlands, north of Houston. This is an older building that has undergone a recent renovation. The room is decent for this class of lodging, but in the end it's just a motel - noisy, bad coffee, and a lumpy mattress. But they have free wireless Internet access, which makes up for other inconveniences.

The Woodlands is one of those fancy-schmancy suburbs where Enron executives once lit their cigars with $100 bills, or whatever dotcom bubble executive stereotype you wish to insert here. We're here for the state youth bowling tournament. Today's squad is up the highway at Huntsville, where many people wish a few former Enron excutives will end up. I suppose the Big House isn't fit for white collar criminals, but I wouldn't shed many tears if one of them dropped the soap, if you get my drift.

Hopefully I'll have some pictures to post later. Now I'm ready for a meal and then the trip up the freeway.

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